Earlier this month I discovered to my delight that the first Sunday of February is designated British Yorkshire Pudding Day.  If there is ever an excuse to eat Yorkshire pudding then I’ll take it and you can be sure I will celebrate this glorious British institution with gusto. 

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Irish Brown Soda Bread

I always take some time out in January, after the chaos of the festive season, in order to refresh and prepare for the coming year ahead.  As well as giving the staff a well-earned break, it gives me the opportunity to research and discover new recipes and culinary treats that I can bring to the menu at the restaurant. 

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Ginger is one of my absolute favourite spices to use, particularly when the weather gets colder. Its lovely warm flavour really wakes up any dish, but I’m especially partial to it in desserts and in the traditional gingerbread form. And so I made my way to Manchester’s Christmas markets this week, solely for research purposes of course, to sample a few delicious German Lebkuchen cookies washed down with an obligatory festive gingerbread latte. And this got me thinking about one of my other favourite recipes – gingerbread cheesecake.

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Stir-fried Greens with Ginger

Like many people, I often feel a little run down and under the weather at this time of year and the drop in temperature has me craving warming and nutritious meals to help stave off the dreaded winter lurgy.  For this reason, I try to increase my intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and pack them into nourishing soups, stews and smoothies whenever I can. 

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A trip to the market on a bitterly cold day will have you hankering after a bowl of steaming potato hash in no time, which is exactly why I found myself cooking up a huge pan of it this week. Potato hash is a real favourite of mine, a staple meal of my childhood and proper comfort food even now. I make it now and again for the family and for the staff and it always goes down a storm. There are a few variations of the recipe, and no doubt your mum/nan will have a different method, but I like to add bacon to mine to really make it shine.

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If, like me, you’re in the midst of planning Christmas dinner and don’t want to serve up the customary turkey for the umpteenth time in as many years, mix it up a little and go for lamb. The lamb shank in particular is full of flavour and beautifully tender after some slow cooking. It takes very little preparation and is an affordable option if you’re cooking for a few people. One shank will provide a generous portion for one person so is ideal for the Christmas table.

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Steak Night Menu


Ceasar salad
Grilled mackeral with chillies and capers
Salad Caprese
Greek Salad
Avocado, brie & bacon salad
Marinated olives

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